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9rules Membership

Curious on how to be a 9rules member?

9rules Membership

9rules members are sites hand-picked by Scrivs, Tyme and Mike (The Triad) to join the 9rules community. The Triad looks for interesting content, updated regularly by writers that not only care about their sites but their readers; writers that are committed to their writing and passionate about what they write about.

The main reason people want to join 9rules is to be a member of the community. The 9rules community is a helpful friendly community. We have a private area where members can interact with one another.

9rules member sites have a dedicated site profile page showing general information about the site, and the latest entries. From this page readers will be able to make the site (or a 9rules member) a favorite so, while browsing the 9rules site, the reader is presented with the content they enjoy the most.

9rules holds submission rounds throughout the year. During these rounds writers can submit their site for possible membership to 9rules. You can find out more information about when the rounds will be held and how they work on our How Do I Join 9rules page.