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Not sure what feeds are? We'll tell you...

What are feeds?

A "feed" is a way for you to find out when there is an update to a site without having to use your browser to visit the site. This is done via syndication or subscribing to a site's feed. There are many ways to symbolize a feed. Not to get too technical but there are different types of feeds and you will see options on which one to subscribe to. You will see links labeled RSS, Atom and XML. Or you might see various colored buttons, usually orange symbolizing feeds. All of these methods mean the same thing, the site has a feed you can subscribe to. On 9rules, we use rss to symbolize feeds. Our member sites might use any of the methods listed above.

To subscribe to a feed you need a feed reader or aggregator, and basic ones are integrated in most browsers. A feed reader will check to see if there has been an update based on the when you specify the software to check for updates. Although browsers have basic feed readers built in, there are desktop applications that can be used that have more features. Below you will find a list of feed readers for Windows, Mac OS and online readers.

Windows Readers

Mac OS Readers

Online Readers