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We Remember Love By Rubio Michael

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My Gundam is better than your Gundam – DKJ’s Top 10 Gundam Moments »

Posted Feb 03, 2010

We Can Only Watch One: Picking Out a Show ONLY by its Opening Credits »

Posted Jan 31, 2010

False Divas: Macross Frontier 12 “Interstellar Flight” »

Posted Jan 28, 2010

The Quite Bearable Lightness and Fluffiness of the K-ON! Special (But It Didn’t Give Me What I Never Knew I Wanted) »

Posted Jan 25, 2010

Lies, Murderous Intent, Remembering Love Gone Wrong, WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS Black Rose Society Arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena »

Posted Jan 22, 2010

Sheryl Would Fulfill Some Hopes and Dreams: Macross Frontier 11 “Missing Birthday” »

Posted Jan 19, 2010


Posted Jan 19, 2010

Old News: Robotech Sucks; News: Not-Robotech is Awesome (Even if it’s Still Called Robotech) »

Posted Jan 15, 2010

SAYONARA BINCHO-TAN (A Post with Images of Hate and Bitterness) »

Posted Jan 12, 2010

“Coachy!” Gunbuster tells you to aim for the top! But you won’t believe what you find there! (gunbuster) »

Posted Jan 09, 2010

Remembering Love by Putting Shows on “Top Anime” Lists is SOOO 00s; or, There’s More Than One Way to Let People Know Detroit Metal City is Awesome; or, Here’s a New Addition to the WRL Family »

Posted Jan 07, 2010

Victory and Authenticity in the Student Council Saga of Revolutionary Girl Utena »

Posted Jan 04, 2010

We Love Comments: We’ll Archive Remarkable Comments on Your Blogs and Maybe Even Keep Discussions Going »

Posted Jan 01, 2010

Moments of 2009: It Takes an Otaku (Onani Master Kurosawa Chapter 25) »

Posted Dec 31, 2009

Moments of 2009: Did He or Didn’t He? (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0) »

Posted Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Anime Heartbreak »

Posted Dec 25, 2009

Moments of 2009: Without a Doubt, the Real Star of the Shin Mazinger Z is Revealed »

Posted Dec 24, 2009

Moments of 2009: One Summer Night Senjougahara Gives the Sky Away (Bakemonogatari Non-Finale) »

Posted Dec 22, 2009

Moments in 2009: Bakuman Stays Strong, Very Strong »

Posted Dec 20, 2009

Gundam Tribute (First You Modernize The Mecha And Then You Modernize The Music) »

Posted Dec 19, 2009