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Life for Beginners By Kenny Mah

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Walkabout - Exploring old Prague on foot »

Posted Jul 15, 2014

Caterpillar - The circle of life. (Hint: Not a pleasant one.) »

Posted Jun 25, 2014

Soup from scratch - Savour life slowly like a homemade meal »

Posted Jun 20, 2014

Sleepless beauty - Getting enough rest can be quite the test »

Posted Jun 18, 2014

The boy in the café - World Cup mornings and cups of coffee »

Posted Jun 14, 2014

Escape to Easter Island! - From giant stone heads to an ancient Bird Man cult, this isolated island is one of the most beautiful places in the world »

Posted Jun 09, 2014

You are each other’s temple - The beautiful act of devotion »

Posted May 27, 2014

Breathe - How choosing to respond with mindfulness can change your entire day »

Posted May 23, 2014

What to do when someonecalls you a ‘banana’ - Language-based discrimination is bullying »

Posted May 06, 2014

King Cobra vs. Crocodile vs. Shark vs… - Love is watching animals eating other animals together »

Posted Apr 29, 2014

Spellbound by Sakura - The art of chasing cherry blossoms in Tokyo »

Posted Apr 15, 2014

Six - A celebration »

Posted Mar 27, 2014

A joyful Sunday full of revelations - Googling banana bread recipes for my neighbourhood café, discovering Chinatown in Luanda, Yuna's ethereal vocals and a Mary Oliver poem »

Posted Mar 23, 2014

A tale of two indie bookshops - Shakespeare and Company in Paris + BooksActually in Singapore »

Posted Mar 12, 2014

Direction - Wherever we find ourselves, are we facing each other? »

Posted Feb 28, 2014

A good scent from a sacred mountain - One doesn't need to be a pilgrim for a spiritual journey into Koyasan »

Posted Feb 05, 2014

There must be more to life than this - How to need less. How to have more. How to give in. »

Posted Jan 28, 2014

Red eggs - The colour of abundance. The fullness of life. »

Posted Jan 25, 2014

Love in the Time of Diarrhoea - Travel isn't rehearsal for a life together; it is the journey »

Posted Jan 22, 2014

An Eiffel Tower of our own - Our home is where we spend the best hours of our lives »

Posted Jan 07, 2014