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The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin

Member Since 2008 of the Productivity Community

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“It’s Easier to Let Myself Down Rather than to Let Other People Down.” »

Posted Apr 27, 2017

Podcast 114: Say “I’m Sorry,” an Interview with Hollywood Legend Sherry Lansing, and a Spice-Related Hack. »

Posted Apr 26, 2017

A Little Happier: An Important Lesson from a Sticky Note on a Friend’s Computer. »

Posted Apr 24, 2017

How Do We Learn Most About Another Person? »

Posted Apr 22, 2017

Observations from Marie Kondo about the Life-Changing Magic of Creating Good Habits. »

Posted Apr 20, 2017

Podcast 113: Reclaim Your Dump Zones, a Hack for Making Tough Decisions, and Is Your Birthday Important to You? »

Posted Apr 19, 2017

A Little Happier: One of the Worst Ways to Waste Time Is to ____. »

Posted Apr 17, 2017

Without You, There is No Copper-Red of the Beech to Set Against the Blue of the Cedar. »

Posted Apr 16, 2017

Fun with the Four Tendencies: Is Taylor Swift an Upholder? »

Posted Apr 14, 2017

Podcast 112: Pick a Uniform, Time Yourself, and a Deep Dive into a Conflict with a Boss. »

Posted Apr 12, 2017

“I’ve Always Been Obsessed with Questions, and with Asking the Right Question.” »

Posted Apr 11, 2017

A Little Happier: With Just a Few Words, We Can Help Others See Themselves Differently. »

Posted Apr 10, 2017

Like Me, Do You Get the Urge to Do Spring Cleaning? Here Are Some Areas I Plan to Tackle. »

Posted Apr 09, 2017

Big Announcement: the “Better” App Is Now Free to Use! »

Posted Apr 08, 2017

Revealed! Three Excellent Books for April: How to Influence Others, a Romance, and an Art-Filled Memoir. »

Posted Apr 07, 2017

Obliger-Spotting in the News? Rex Tillerson on Becoming Secretary of State. »

Posted Apr 06, 2017

Podcast 111: Beware of Storing Stuff, Another Look at the Stumbling Block of Emails, and the Challenge of Little Slips of Paper. »

Posted Apr 05, 2017

“Going Blind Turned Out to Be One of the Greatest Blessings of My Life. I Lost My Sight, But I Gained Vision.” »

Posted Apr 04, 2017

A Little Happier: An Old Joke is a Reminder that to Find Something, We Must Look in the Right Place »

Posted Apr 03, 2017

Do You Pull April Fool’s Day Pranks? I Pranked My Daughters–But Not for Long. »

Posted Apr 01, 2017