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The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin

Member Since 2008 of the Productivity Community

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A Little Happier: Sometimes, It’s Better to Help than to Sympathize. »

Posted Aug 21, 2017

Why I Named the Four Tendencies the “Four Tendencies.” »

Posted Aug 20, 2017

Podcast 13O: Seven Myths of Happiness. »

Posted Aug 16, 2017

A Four Tendencies Dilemma: What Would You Do with the Office Coffee Mug? »

Posted Aug 15, 2017

A Little Happier: Don’t Sleep Through the Beautiful Moments. »

Posted Aug 14, 2017

Agree? “Sometimes, If You Want to Be Happy, You’ve Got to Run Away to Bath and Marry a Punk Rocker.” »

Posted Aug 12, 2017

Agree, Disagree? “Habits of the Mind Far Outweigh Habits of the Body.” »

Posted Aug 10, 2017

Podcast 129: September Is the Other January, the Fun of Post-It Notes, and What “They” Think. »

Posted Aug 09, 2017

Habit Strategies and Tips for Rebels »

Posted Aug 08, 2017

A Little Happier: Why Andy Warhol (and I) Want To Have a Boss–on Retainer. »

Posted Aug 07, 2017

Want to Read Books that Show Examples of the Four Tendencies? Revealed! »

Posted Aug 03, 2017

Podcast 128: Connect with TV, Conquering the Snooze Alarm–and Is It Possible to be a Mix of the Four Tendencies? »

Posted Aug 02, 2017

A Mother’s Brilliant Strategy for Dealing with Rebel Pre-schooler »

Posted Aug 01, 2017

A Little Happier: My Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother Knew the Right Thing to Say. »

Posted Jul 31, 2017

Pre-order “The Four Tendencies” and Get Access Now to the 5-Part Video Series »

Posted Jul 29, 2017

Do You Believe You Can Improve Human Nature Before You’ve Changed The System? And Vice Versa. »

Posted Jul 29, 2017

Podcast 127: Make or Accept a Relationship “Repair Attempt,” A Sharpie-Related Travel Hack, and a Vow to Write More Legibly. »

Posted Jul 26, 2017

Help! Have Ideas for a Four Tendencies Quiz for Kids? »

Posted Jul 25, 2017

A Little Happier: Sometimes, You Feel Regret Either Way. »

Posted Jul 24, 2017

“The Colour of the Leaves in Autumn Would Be Nothing Without the Feeling that Accompanies It.” »

Posted Jul 23, 2017