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Chris Christie agrees in principle with NJ Democrats planned 23 cent gas tax hike »

Posted Jun 13, 2016

Well, I did it. I voted for Trump in the NJ primary. Because, #NeverHillary »

Posted Jun 07, 2016

Brainwashing, complete: Majority of teens say not recycling is more immoral than porn »

Posted Jun 05, 2016

Elizabeth Warren launched a blatantly anti-Semitic tirade against Donald Trump today »

Posted Jun 05, 2016

When Mitch McConnell is the Voice Of Reason we've definitely entered Bizarro World »

Posted Jun 01, 2016

State Dept IG smokescreen: Hillary violated email rules, but so did everyone else »

Posted May 25, 2016

When Obama sent $500 million to that UN climate slush fund, he robbed it from Zika prevention »

Posted May 24, 2016

While you weren't looking, the number of Obamacare insurers in NJ dropped to 4 »

Posted May 19, 2016

NJ Democrats propose paying unemployment benefits to striking Verizon unionistas »

Posted May 17, 2016

Hope and Sex Change Part 2: Obamacare must now cover gender reassignment therapy »

Posted May 16, 2016

Dictator Obama decrees all public school bathrooms and locker rooms must be coed »

Posted May 13, 2016

Presidency For Sale: Persian Gulf Sheikhs gave Bill and Hillary Clinton $100 million dollars »

Posted May 12, 2016

NYC Democrats: We're from the government and we're here to irritate you »

Posted May 08, 2016

It's OK to slaughter thousands of bald eagles if you're promoting "green energy" »

Posted May 08, 2016

Obama spokesman comes clean on how he manipulates a willing media to shape the narrative »

Posted May 06, 2016

Obama threatens North Carolina for saying men can't pee with women »

Posted May 05, 2016

Thanks Trumpalumpas, you just guaranteed Hitlery will be the next president »

Posted May 04, 2016

Planned Parenthood CEO: My proudest moment is forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortions »

Posted May 03, 2016

NJ Democrats vow to defy Christie's order expanding gun permits, say only criminals should have guns »

Posted Apr 26, 2016

To celebrate Lenin's birthday Dictator Obama signs the Paris Climate Accord »

Posted Apr 22, 2016