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In a "powerful rebuke" to Da'esh, Obama pivots back to The Real Problem - Climate Change »

Posted Nov 24, 2015

Obama "will not relent" in fight against ISIS, except he blocks 75% of airstrikes against them »

Posted Nov 22, 2015

Thou Shalt Not Mock The Dowager Empress Of Chappaqua! »

Posted Nov 19, 2015

Obama vows to veto restrictions on Syrian refugees, while Honduras stops 5 RefuJihadis »

Posted Nov 19, 2015

Chris Christie jumps on the "No Syrian Refugees" bandwagon »

Posted Nov 17, 2015

Unbelievable! Obama: I'm not interested in "American leadership or America winning" »

Posted Nov 16, 2015

The Paris massacre wake-up call: Either we destroy Islam, or Islam will destroy us »

Posted Nov 14, 2015

Read this inane list of Top 10 Goals for the US Army, and weep for our future »

Posted Nov 12, 2015

Obama looking to appoint open borders activist as head of U.S. Border Patrol »

Posted Nov 10, 2015

Houston voters nix coed bathrooms, while Obama imposes them by fiat in Chicago »

Posted Nov 04, 2015

We're #2! Again! New Jersey has the second highest tax burden in the nation »

Posted Nov 03, 2015

Vote tomorrow Nov. 3rd, elect Rick Alonso and re-elect Rich Hauser to the Caldwell Council »

Posted Nov 02, 2015

Obama's Energy Dept wants you to know that Halloween pumpkins contribute to Global Warming »

Posted Oct 29, 2015

Obama's latest lie: If you like your guns you can keep your guns »

Posted Oct 28, 2015

Hillary promises to spread poverty by bringing in even more illegal aliens than Obama »

Posted Oct 26, 2015

Obama's partisan DOJ won't charge partisan hack Lois Lerner for persecuting Obama's enemies »

Posted Oct 23, 2015

Got a spare $73 billion lying around? Obama wants US taxpayers to bail out Puerto Rico »

Posted Oct 22, 2015

Joe says "No", and so we'll have to settle for Hillary vs Trump »

Posted Oct 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton says she will confiscate all our guns »

Posted Oct 19, 2015

Two more state Obamacare co-ops go belly up »

Posted Oct 16, 2015