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Thanks Trumpalumpas, you just guaranteed Hitlery will be the next president »

Posted May 04, 2016

Planned Parenthood CEO: My proudest moment is forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortions »

Posted May 03, 2016

NJ Democrats vow to defy Christie's order expanding gun permits, say only criminals should have guns »

Posted Apr 26, 2016

To celebrate Lenin's birthday Dictator Obama signs the Paris Climate Accord »

Posted Apr 22, 2016

Donald Trump joins the Democrats' new culture war, endorses coed bathrooms »

Posted Apr 21, 2016

Uber caves to Newark's extortion demands, will pay $10 million for a "Liberty License" »

Posted Apr 18, 2016

Chris Christie's NJ Supreme Court nominee is Joe DiVincenzo's Get Out Of Jail Free card »

Posted Apr 15, 2016

NJ Lt Governor Kim Guadagno affirms judge's ruling: Ted Cruz is a "natural born" citizen »

Posted Apr 14, 2016

NJ judge rejects Trump surrogate's crackpot Ted Cruz birther challenge »

Posted Apr 13, 2016

Chris Christie's surrender is complete as he nominates a Democrat to NJ Supreme Court »

Posted Apr 12, 2016

Bruce Springsteen gives the Democrats their defining issue for this election: Coed Bathrooms! »

Posted Apr 09, 2016

Newark, NJ acts to impose an annual $1,000 "Liberty License" fee on Uber drivers »

Posted Apr 07, 2016

Obama decrees landlords must rent to criminals and banks must lend to home buyers with bad credit »

Posted Apr 05, 2016

Michelle Obama will now fine schools that don't follow her lunch rules »

Posted Mar 29, 2016

Holy Saturday hilarity, Hillary loses 3 states to an avowed socialist loon »

Posted Mar 27, 2016

What's the carbon footprint of cutting down 15,000 trees to build a solar farm? »

Posted Mar 24, 2016

Obama wants the US to "learn from Cuba" on human rights »

Posted Mar 22, 2016

Another Joe DiVincenzo success story: Newark Bears Stadium is sold, at an $11 million loss »

Posted Mar 21, 2016

Two more North Jersey towns opt to fly the Palestinian terrorist flag »

Posted Mar 20, 2016

Hillary spits on the graves of Benghazi, says "we didn't lose a single person" in Libya »

Posted Mar 15, 2016