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The Obama Doctrine: Fight Climate Change, not Islamic terrorism »

Posted Feb 09, 2016

Obama hates cheap gas so he wants a $10 per barrel oil tax to fund green energy boondoggles »

Posted Feb 05, 2016

Irony alert: In the NJ State Senate chamber, Lady Liberty is depicted holding a gun »

Posted Feb 04, 2016

Our Muslim in Chief visited a radical mosque and bashed America »

Posted Feb 04, 2016

Rand's last stand got canned, Santorum slinks away, and Trump goes full grump »

Posted Feb 03, 2016

Iowa's youth lined up behind Bernie, because it's easier than getting a job »

Posted Feb 02, 2016

Q4 GDP cratered, recession looms, and no Obamabots, that's not "fiction" »

Posted Jan 29, 2016

Donald Trump praises Planned Parenthood, gains Jerry Falwell Jr.'s endorsement »

Posted Jan 26, 2016

Bizarro World: GOP establishment embraces Donald Trump, bashes National Review »

Posted Jan 22, 2016

Cory Booker and Bob Menendez block attempt to stop rapefugees from coming to America »

Posted Jan 21, 2016

Chris Christie vetoes "smart" guns, mandatory recess, and raising the smoking age »

Posted Jan 19, 2016

Yesterday Obama gave Iran $1.7 billion dollars, today he imposed new meaningless "sanctions" »

Posted Jan 18, 2016

John Kerry thanks Iran for humiliating US sailors, because that's usually Obama's job »

Posted Jan 13, 2016

Obama's IRS relents, for now, won't force charities to report donors' Social Security Numbers »

Posted Jan 08, 2016

Obama conscripts doctors onto the front lines of his despotic gun control regime »

Posted Jan 06, 2016

Obama executive order forces everyone who sells a used car to register as a licensed car dealer »

Posted Jan 05, 2016

Obama: My gun control executive orders aren't going to do very much to stop criminals »

Posted Jan 04, 2016

Happy New Year American college students! Obama just gave your first job to a foreigner »

Posted Dec 31, 2015

Finally, someone found 3 things Hillary Clinton actually accomplished! »

Posted Dec 30, 2015

NJ Education Commissioner overrides NJSIAA's anti-Catholic sports segregation scheme »

Posted Dec 29, 2015