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We're #1! Again! Yup, Essex County, NJ has the highest property taxes in the nation! »

Posted Apr 06, 2017

If at first you don't repeal Obamacare, try doing it the right way »

Posted Mar 25, 2017

Repeal and Replace? Nah, the GOP plan is more like Obamacare Lite »

Posted Mar 07, 2017

The IRS and Humana put two more nails into Obamacare's coffin »

Posted Feb 15, 2017

NJ Dems concoct a plan to soak taxpayers for federal dollars withheld from sanctuary cities »

Posted Feb 08, 2017

The mayor of Prospect Parkistan, NJ lays out the welcome mat for illegals and jihadis »

Posted Feb 07, 2017

It's official, President Trump's Extreme Vetting is now in effect »

Posted Jan 28, 2017

President Trump's inaugural address put the "we" back into We The People »

Posted Jan 20, 2017

Team Trump is preparing massive, "dramatic" cuts to the federal government »

Posted Jan 19, 2017

Legislating from the bench: NJ Supreme Court again decrees towns must build more slums »

Posted Jan 18, 2017

Liberal hypocrites bailing on inaugural gigs conveniently forget about "Bake That Cake!" »

Posted Jan 17, 2017

NJ's two senators don't exactly crown themselves with glory grilling Trump's nominees »

Posted Jan 12, 2017

See this penny? It's no ordinary cent, it's my Chris Christie Sales Tax Cut! »

Posted Jan 09, 2017

Steve Sweeney's sneaky plan for hijacking the gas tax into bailing out NJ's public pensions »

Posted Dec 09, 2016

Jill Stein drops her PA recount bid, meaning her other 2 recounts are now pointless »

Posted Dec 04, 2016

The Star-Ledger loves flag burners, but deletes questions about Koran burning »

Posted Dec 01, 2016

The exodus from New Jersey picks up steam, 227,000 taxpayers out, 62,000 immigrants in »

Posted Nov 18, 2016

Chris Christie (remember him?) vetoes unemployment benefits for striking workers »

Posted Nov 14, 2016

Media hacks in the tank for Obama and Clinton whine that Trump won't bow before them »

Posted Nov 11, 2016

Congratulations President-Elect Trump! »

Posted Nov 09, 2016